I am Alan Wright

I am the product manager at Climate Policy Radar. Formerly of GOV.UK & BBC.

I have been working in digital since 2008.

This blog is about digital, product management & ways of working.

More about me

My blog posts

Personal vision, regular reviews, habits and Obsidian – how I try to keep myself organised and focused

Roadmaps, delivery plans, timelines and the Civilization 6 technology tree – how I like to use these artefacts when working with product teams

Cycle time, queues, work in progress and batch size – four things product teams need to reduce if they want to deliver more value faster

Being a product manager in a start-up vs the public sector (or big organisation vs small): what I have learned from the past year

Team manual and team charter – my two favourite workshops to run with new teams or teams with new members

Makers time and collaboration time: two metrics that help teams improve the timing of meetings to increase team health and productivity